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Wednesday, August 07, 2013

AOL's $405 Million dotTV Buy; 22-Page Guide to Landing Page Testing; Who Owns a Social Profile? and.. Some Startups Ask: Who Needs Managers?

Very little time today so here is a Twitter-curated summary of news you probably hadn't heard about and some useful tips and tools to keep building stronger businesses. Remember it's all about BRANDING, BRANDING, EVERYWHERE!

  1. Google Chromecast Will Change The Way You Watch Television Forever via
  2. Confused copiers rewriting documents
  3. Some Startups Ask: Who Needs Managers?
  4. Must-Have Free (or Almost Free) Apps for Growing Businesses
  5. Most Brands Aren't Budgeting For Innovation
  6. Evian Looks to Regain Relevance
  7. The U.S. Has a Really Helpful Student Loan Repayment Program—and No One's Using It
  8. Jeff Bezos Bought The Washington Post. But So Did Amazon
  9. The Color Purple: Yahoo Tries to Excite Consumers With Month-Long New Logo Reveal
  10. Who Owns a Social Profile? You or Your Company?
  11. AOL Makes the Biggest Buy of the Tim Armstrong Era: $405 Million for...
  12. Sydney Leathers, Anthony Weiner's cyber mistress, writes manual on how to seduce a politician
  13. Apple’s iPhone Charger Take-Back Program is Genius PR—And It May Even...
  14. Three Reasons for Jeff Bezos to Buy The Washington Post
  15. The Brutal Truth About Jeff Bezos Buying The Washington Post
  16. The Simple Trick that Makes Your Website Engaging and Persuasive

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