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Friday, August 16, 2013

Frank Schilling At Odds With Sedo In Blog Post on Stunning ReDesign

The old adage reins so true "If you want to do something RIGHT you've got to do it YOURSELF."

Don't get me wrong Sedo has been very good to Frank (even though they never made the most of his opportunities with a moment of innovation since launch as proven by his need to build a better alternative)... but according to his latest blog post, on his newly designed website (that hoorah is mobile friendly but purposely now omits disclosure of sales pricing and bids which may weaken these arguments but...) blogs Frank:
I was just reading Sedo’s recent state of the domain report and these statistics jumped out: 
  • the lowest per quarter sales for at least the previous four quartersaverage sales price of $2,225 
  • 46 percent of total sales this past quarter were for domains priced below $500$500 and $2,500 accounted for 40 percent of all sales.$2,500 and $5,000 accounted for 8 percentSales over 5k were 6 percent of total sales  
Reading this report was like looking at sales from another planet. Here’s the report from the marketplace:  Sales steady and up. Average sale price over 15k – A handful of sales at 3k ..  ZERO sales $500 or below. Sales volume –lower than Sedo’s – but very robust and climbing.
Continued on Franks blog 

And to see proof that Sedo is whacked... just look at our roundup of two years worth of Frank's sales and the Brands that activated them. Too bad they missed this post before they made that study as I blogged last April "It's the best Domain name sales education money can't buy. See the possibilities in your domains by examining the end-user realities of Frank's."

To point, Ron Jackson when writing today about how CBS stole by deception he noted "It can be a big advantage to know who is on the other side of the table." And that's how Domain name Sales log in with Facebook or LinkedIn is a huge help and something Sedo should have done long ago.. but why innovate when you can just make money for being in the right place at the right time and propagandizing "buy it now" instead so sellers are encouraged to let these corps STEAL their goods. Shame on Sedo!

You can't base numbers on 2003 selling methodologies. Note to Sedo: It's not 2003 anymore!

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