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Sunday, August 18, 2013

Frank Schilling; DNSResults; BULLSHIT Sales Don't Count

Yes Shane is right. It IS all about comps. MY comps. THESE comps!

Domain Name Sales stopped reporting sales and prices on their website redesign this week and have been erratic in making reports to DNJournal of late. I'm sure this is strategic and the reporting of prices boxes them into a corner when negotiating other assets. And the buyers I'm sure complain when they find out their business has been made public. Frank has also installed a whole system to ensure privacy for the NDA deals (the majority of sales in all of the segments of domains are never disclosed at the buyer's insistence).

Unfortunately they also provide the only viable comps in the industry as I reported here. 

Unfortunately most of the disclosable sales reporting on other venues have turned out... and Accidental Domainer confirms, to be what I call  bullshit sales (insider trading, privacy monkey business, money laundering... i.e. site never ending up in the hands of or activated  by end users). 

One can see that with over a million dollars a week in sales on each of the Sedo and Afternic platforms, Andrew struggles to find no higher than 10% of those sales going to REAL end users who are buying them to conduct REAL business. Most are getting a steal since Sedo has  succeeded with their BUY IT NOW con to convince domainers to give up the ship.

That's why Frank had to take matters into his own hands and build a better mousetrap designed to serve the needs of the seller not the commission streams of the broker.

Frank's sales all are about real business as we charted HERE. Many of the industry's TOP brokers have told me these pages that I painstakingly aggregated by hand have become their Bible when pricing and justifying other deals. The ultimate value to an end user with a business plan and revenue stream for the domain are the only meaningful numbers in this business.

I haven't reached out to Frank (mainly because I know he takes vacation during this time) but I will to see what DNS is able to disclose to us at least on a monthy basis. Then will backfill the pricing when I have it. We have, as a rule, always gone back and updated the prices on our reports when DNJournal confirms them.

Here are your DNS results for this week:  
BuildingManager.Com $10-20k USD
CDrive.Com $20-50k USD
Ebibe.Com (Shane) (Kauffman)
EverDrive.Net $3-5k USD
FirstPay.Com (Kauffman)
GreenwichCTRealEstate.Com $10-20K
GulfHomes.Com $3-5k USD
HostingAdvice.Com $3-5k USD
Lasso.Net $3-5k USD
NectaroOfTheGods.Com $10-20k USD
PeakSeason.Com $10-20k USD (Redirect
Sparconinc.Com (Schaffer)
StarShape.Com $20-50k USD
TwinCityClassic.Com (Shane)

And your DNS Results for August-to-Date with links to the end users who have activated them $10-20k USD $10-20k USD (Kauffman)
BrowseSecure.Com $3-5K (Schaffer)
BuildingManager.Com          $10-20k USD
CDrive.Com    $20-50k USD
CityOfScottsdale.Net $10-20k (Lamm) $5-10k USD
Ebibe.Com (Shane) (Kauffman)
EverDrive.Net            $3-5k USD Merlin Kauffman 
FirstPay.Com (Kauffman) $10-20k (to owner of
FutureCells.Com  (Shane)
GreenwichCTRealEstate.Com $10-20K
GulfHomes.Com         $3-5k USD  (Schaffer)
HostingAdvice.Com   $3-5k USD $3-5k USD $5-10k 
Lasso.Net        $3-5k USD $3-5k USD
Lemnoideae.Com $10-20k USD $3-5k (Brown)
LowEnergyHeater.Com (NDA $100K> est)
Medicina.Com (Schaffer) $10-20k USD
NectaroOfTheGods.Com       $10-20k USD
PayDayCashLoans.Com (Chong)
PeakSeason.Com       $10-20k USD (Redirect $3-5k USD
Quadragrip.Com  $100-150K
Seequence.Com $10-20k $50-100k (to Dick's Sports)
Sparconinc.Com (Schaffer) $5-10k USD (Yummy)
StarShape.Com          $20-50k USD  $10-20K (Kauffman) (Kauffman)  $5-10k 
TwinCityClassic.Com (Shane) to Johannesburg's TYME Capital (Est 100K)     
UniqPlanet.Com $10-20k 

As always, check with DNJournal Wednesday afternoon for the most accurate pricing and exclusively reported results.

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