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Friday, August 16, 2013 Domain Name Released For Sale

New Owner of Shop Online Domain Name Could Realize 
Unlimited Income Potential from Best Available Retail Branding Asset in the World. 

Generic Domain sales and development specialists have put on the market for sale the flagship domain

This simple, meaningful, and search-centric global shopping brand is comparable to and, both billion-dollar businesses, say Domainwise. A new owner with the right vision and motivation can certainly build a billion-dollar enterprise on as well.

Entrepreneurs know that having the right domain name can make the difference between success or failure online. Names that are short, easy-to-remember, and relevant can have a big impact on traffic and company branding. But the lack of quality generic domains creates a challenge to successful branding today. As a result, marketing companies have had to resort to choosing what they considered to be catchy but meaningless names — such as, eBay or Zappos — that they then had to spend millions of dollars to promote. The sudden availability of now presents an obvious natural branding opportunity and would be the perfect domain for a worldwide social shopping portal.

The domain is also search-engine friendly and could easily contribute to landing a top spot in consumers’ online searches. A Google search for the terms “shop” and “online” currently returned 1.7 billion combined results, implying that once the domain goes active it could become a pre-built brand that advertises itself organically.

With e-commerce sales in the U.S. alone totaling US$289 billion in 2012 and projected to reach US$361.9 billion in 2016, has tremendous and obvious relevance to consumers. It provides the one element vital to the success of all direct marketing: a relevant and memorable call to action. Like the best 800 numbers, the best domain names tell the prospect in an easy-to-remember way what to do next, where to go for information, or when to place an order — which, of course, is right now. expresses the 1-800-style “I WANT” behavior the consumer is speaking, thinking or even typing. 

Besides the revenue potential of building out as a retail e-commerce destination in its own right, the name offers the prospect of unlimited lease or partnership revenue from sub-domain prefixes. Any retailer could easily use their own name as a subdomain to extend the reach and impact of their own marketing campaigns. Imagine,, — all you favorite stores, all in one place, with one-click ordering across different merchants. would also be conducive to a mobile app, allowing the domain’s new owner to participate in online retailing’s fast-growing mobile segment. Enquirers please register your interest at

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