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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

14-Year Old With 30 Million YouTube Views And Pockets Almost As Much Money

"Calling all the basic bitches"

When you compare trading /flipping/developing domains to the silliness this kid does with no cost and becomes an overnight millionaire.... we've got to reexamine our strategies. There is an easier way!

As seen on Tosh.0 this 14-year old Vlogger gets 30 million hots on YouTube and makes almost as much money. This kid embodies everything that's wrong with our culture our kids and our society right here. Any country will now surely beat us at anything. This kind of stuff is why Putin is laughing at us. MUST SEE VIDEO

Meet Lohanthony Lindsay Lohan's biggest fan. Daniel Tosh investigates followed by Lohanthony's latest VLOG.

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