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Monday, September 09, 2013

Alcatel's Crazy Idea: A Remote for the Smartphone; Welcome to S3for.Me! and Linkedin Changed My Life

 Alcatel (ALU) rising steady since my last alert going up the escalator while the market goes down on Acquisition rumors and new 4G contracts being signed worldwide and las Friday to provide telco for all of Spain! Lots of runway left here. Should be $3.30 today (was .70 cents when I URGED you to look into it as Apple was $75 when I urged you to look into that).
PLUS: Meet the Man Who Chooses The Music You Hear In Chipotle; Pointing at Pornography for Job Losses; Apple Plans Major Expansion of Its In-House Design Team; From Myspace’s Ashes, Silicon Start-Ups Rise; Hollywood’s Tanking Business Model and … The Top 10 Searches for Online Dating Sites

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