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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Another GoDaddy Marketing Epic Fail: Kick Ass Commercial Kicks Customers Away

This is not the first time I've been critical of Blake Irving. And I wasn't alone if NYTimes, Twitter and 100 major media outlets counts for something.

In the Super Bowl commercial he made the geeky kiss guy, Jesse Heiman,  the star of the show and launched his career making millions for him. Have you seen a movie trailer lately he's NOT in. Everyone remembers the commercial for him but can't tell you who/what GoDaddy is or does. And here we go again.

First it's dark like a horror movie. A bunch of unidentified people talk smack about shit the end user doesn't understand or relate to. Common "our mission is to help you be who you want to be digitally" "Smart decent people crawling all over all kinds of machinery" Combined with dinosaur Jean Van Dam spot, it must be for Wall Street consumption because it doesn't speak in plain English to simple folks. And it doesn't sell shit. Compare to 1:1, or WIX spots. You decide.

How about real  people showcasing what go Daddy has done for their business in real time. Nothing more powerful than a testimonial. So Blake, cut the self-serving sales poop and hire someone who "gets it" ;)  Or you could cut the damage you are doing to goDaddy and do fine managing Jesse Heiman's career. What inspires the GoDaddy team? YOU. Helping small business owners and anyone else with a dream to do more is what we love to do. Watch and see why we think you kick ass.

From my Super Bowl post:

NY Times coverage

Here's the buzz from Twitter:

  1. RT : That  commercial was VERY DISTURBING.
  2. Face frozen in shock from that  commercial. The kissing sounds may haunt me until halftime 
  3. Anyone else ever wish they were a fat kid with sensitive skin and a fro? 
  4. cant believe that IT guy on the  commercial lowered his standards to kiss that 6/10
  5. Wonder how much they had to pay her?!?  
  6. That nerd is winning! .com
  7. Lowering the Bar Rafaeli  
  8. The sounds on that  commercial made me throw up in my mouth! 
  9. My 15yr old son  just asked me for an  and a account
  10. I will NEVER use  just because of their commercials. And that was so gross, the sound was beyond not needed.
  11. I would have gladly played the nerd in the  commercial.
  12.  just ruined my life. Most disgusting commercial ever.
  13. I just threw up my hot wings after seeing that nasty perverted azz commercial -___-
  14. I never want to kiss anything again ever.  
  15. That as the grossest   I've ever seen
  16. Danica Patrick is the female equivalent of a shonda for the goyim. 
  17. that was the most awkwardiest commercial of my life 
  18. .....that was the most awkward kiss I've seen in my entire life
  19. Ew I think I'll go throw up after that commercial  
  20. That fat kid got redder than the Peyton Manning's forehead.
  21. That was the grossest commercial I have ever seen 
  22. Lmfaoooo How'd Steven Schein get a girl like that?? 
  23. Jessie Heiman in a Super Bowl commercial!!! So proud to call him an IWYS fan.  
  24. welllll thatttt was awkward for all of America.. 
  25. Haven't seen Danica's  ads yet, but something tells me they will lead to Stenhouse's friends immediately high-fiving him.
  26. Super Bowl commercials>>>  ��
  27. Is  going to propose to us to live the same experience with Bar Refaeli?  
  28. No, I don’t like the  commercial – and here’s why  
  29. Can't wait to see the commercials this year for the Super Bowl!
  30. Done with  & its repeated ineptitude with IMAP email; will find a new service for personal sites & clients 
  31.  SPECIAL OFFER!  47% OFF NEW PRODUCTS! Limited Time ... Get YOUR new domains, etc…TODAY!
  32. Daddy just won 2500 bucks on a scratch and win  ��
  33. How many takes did Jesse Heiman have to kiss Bar Refaeli for their Super Bowl commercial? 
  34. More everything! View  Super Bowl commercials and get your idea online 1st with 47% off your total order  
  35. Broadcast Alert: watch  Founder  on Fox Business in the next half hour Discussing Perfect Match
  36. Did you know  was a longtime  hosting customer long before he starred in our ad?
  37. At the  with  Super Bowl star watch for him around 7:30am
  38. The LCMS Lady Panthers are going to state tomorrow. I repeat. State. It is a big deal even for middle school.  ����

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