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Monday, September 09, 2013

Apple, Google, Nike, Samsung and Sony Furiously Developing Smart Products for 'Next Frontier'

Graphic: Mashable
Every time I talk about Alcatel the share prices goes up. Hum... Don't forget I was first to predict a $5 price target and then acquisition by Apple with the billions that it has been stashing for this purpose- The Steve Jobs Surprise. Android it's payback time- we own the 4G network and all the patents on the components within your silly little phones. Plus the mini cell towers that will replace every tower out there and finally break the service bottleneck all while cutting your cell service bill in HALF! Not so silly when you considered Microsoft acquired Skype then Nokia. Google acquired Motorola and MOTO, and most recently Verizon acquired Vodafone for $130 BILLION (wouldn't this alone make Alcatel whose new CEO, Michael Combs, who comes from Vodafone and likely negotiated this deal worth more than $3 piddly dollars a share?). The only play left is the best and most logically value to one one of the potential suitors- Apple- why rent patents when you can own the technology and the tin cans on each end and the string in-between (plus those three little undersea wires that deliver millions of transcontinental calls). Reader / Domainer Lou Chiodo adds this reminding us we are fooled by the  Alcatel name which means nothing. Yes those Frenchmen decided their name Alcatel meant more than the name that really matters because it produced all that makes everything tie together and worth it- BELL. As in Alexander Graham Bell and his invention laboratory that never stopped inventing after he passed, and without whom there would be no Google- no Apple!

Just a few of the discoveries from the old Bell Labs and then Lucent now Alcatel:

Not to mention the transistor and the dial tone.

1939: Bell Labs introduces the first binary digital computer.

1958: Bell Labs registers a patent on the laser. 

1979: Bell Labs creates the first single-chip digital signal processor (DSP), which laid the foundation for today's cellular phones and modems.

1988: TAT-8, the first transatlantic fiber-optic cable system uses technology from Bell Labs to link North America and Europe. The system is 3,148 miles long and can handle 40,000 telephone calls simultaneously.

In other news today:

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