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Saturday, September 28, 2013

Breathometer (.com) App Blows: Scores Rare "All-Five" "High-Five" Shark Tank Investment

Breathometer – This is a brilliant product with a GREAT name. (and a nice website application of Moonrise WP theme)

The Breathometer was designed by Charles Michael Yim, a founder of several startup companies. He came up with the idea of this device because he wanted to feel safe to drive after a few drinks. Old breath analyzers seemed unpractical as they cost way too much money and were too big to carry around with you. The Breathometer is small, efficient, and it can fit in your pocket to sync with your smart phone.

Absolutely brilliant. In an age where staying sober is more important than ever, this app actually will serve as a more portable breathalyzer that you attach to your phone, and you can even use it to hail a cab if you are in need of one. It’s not a replacement for good judgment, but this is something that could sell millions to responsible drivers out there who want to stay safe on the road.

In the end, the offer was one that this guy would be completely out of his mind to turn down. You can have all five sharks for 30%. All five! It is a lot of cooks in the kitchen, but they have a small-enough percentage that you still have the power. Thankfully, this is a smart man. Deal with all five Sharks for $1 million and 30%, with Mark Cuban owning 15%.

MORE: It's going to measure other breath outputs like halitosis. was HAND registered in 2007 by Wendy Dubit, Founder and President, Vergant, Inc. and WonderWorks Productions, an old-world branding agent who like me, recognized domains as marketing rocket ships in the mid-nineties and began registering names with specific clients and applications in mind. It was acquired by  Charles Yim, late last year for an undisclosed sum, maybe very little as Wendy has moved onto other plans and how would she have known in 2007 (that) with a killer-app attached in 2013, it would fetch a million dollar investment and a free publicity launch that no amount of money can buy, on Shark tank.

BTW, Mark Cuban declared on last night's show that he likes "Metric Apps" like Breathometer.

 "Metric Apps are the future, claimed the Blog maverick. We know he more than LOVES this other "Metric" APP founded by a man formerly known as  "Morgan The Domain Flipper."  We are so proud of Morgan and I watch in awe, following his adventures in Facebook, as his business gets bigger and better day by day.

Can anyone say dotMETRIC. Morgan / Mark- why not?

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