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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Cisco and Major Grocer's Multi-Million Dollar Domain Faux Pas

The long delay is almost over. On November 6 in New York, Cisco is throwing a party to show off the game-changing product created by its super-secret start up Insieme Networks. Last April, Cisco invested $100 million to fund the start up as a so-called a spin-in, with the option to buy it outright for another $750 million should its products prove successful. But it either didn't think of, of couldn't come to terms with a couple of mil of not resolving and held by an Italian domain investor since 1998.

Then there's the X-CEO of Trader Joe's. Next year, Doug Rauch will open the Daily Table, a grocery store that takes gleaning to the next level by dealing almost exclusively in goods that have passed their sell-by date at discounted, fast-food-level prices. No, this is not an underhanded way to make money, Rauch says: For starters, the Dorchester, Massachusetts, store's focus on fruits and vegetables that are not cosmetically up to other outlet's standards is a way of addressing the monumental amount of domestic food waste. 

of course they have launched and are going to market with a project that could be as big as Trader Joe's, yet they failed to secure held by Name Media's, right down the street from their own Headquarters. 

Of course they could have gone to market with the "second best" names,, which might be in the works since that domain recently left it's multi-prior-year privacy protected home to be stealthily acquired by an investment group from Roxbury Mass, the town just next to Daily Table's Dorchester HQ. But The Trader Joe's is not Trader Joe's and calling yourself something you are not also known as online is a problem from the git go.

But even if they come to terms with Buy Domains, and Cisco comes to terms with the Italian investor, don't expect any of the likely 7-figure sales to be publicly reported in DNJournal any time soon

BTW, Mr, Rauch, is AVAILABLE!

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