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Saturday, September 28, 2013

Facebook Has More Primetime Eyeballs Than All Major Television Networks Combined

PLUS: What is a Platform? Yes, some people will pay you for your news (news to me); 
Ford acquires in-car connectivity startup Livio in sub-$10M deal (speak search to your car further ends type-ins 20-year rule; Nissan self-driving Leaf first to ride on Japanese roads; Google overhauls the way its search engine ranks websites and Ashton Kutcher-Backed Startup Fashism Shuts Down

Say this three times fast "Zoosk Turns to Zendesk for Help Desk Software" Zoosk sounds like some rare disease you pickup in the jungle, and will always puzzle you in spellcheck, fail the radio test and 411, but it's a dating service with 50% MIllION subscribers. Can you say dot ZOOSK when all the evidence suggest brandables are preferred by end users to generics (don't tell that to the guys launching the gTLDs though).  MUCH MORE TOO


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