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Monday, September 16, 2013

Flashback 2000: Don't Forget The Sub-Domain Factor

13 years after I first evangelized this on Rick's board (after reading Dan's Sub-Domain Page), and NOW and they are getting it BIG TIME! Thank God because when considering domain value one domain could include thousands more. What's driving this- it's the new gTLDS which are actually sub-domains in reverse with limited potential and search disadvantages. Like with Heathcare.Africa.Com versus Healthcare.Africa, it's a win-win for the sub-domain which is the way the Internet Gods designed it to be, because you can have your taxonomy and keep it on world standard dotCOM!

Flashback 2000- Frager Factor VIP E-MAIL:

Most domain appraisals fail to recognize the powerful sub-domain sub-lease sub-factor.

For example, if can lease up to a half million sub-domains to movie companies, movie or TV titles, actor headsheets, etc, how much more does that make their master domain worth?

The sub-lease potential isn't there for MOST domains. But for Rick and others with QUALITY domains, it’s a huge plus.
Imagine,,, In some cases the sub-domain is MORE powerful than the master domain alone, because of the way search engines spider domains and the value of cataloging an industry so its easier for consumer's to find what they need.

Using sub-domains with these examples makes everything you find truly there about men or Hollywood. By comparison, having a dotORG suffix doesn't mean everything you find there will be non-profit, nor does a dotTV suffix guarantee that you'll end up with something that relates to television. As a result its what's BEFORE the dot that counts MOST.

Sub-domains regardless of length are a proven formula for customer satisfaction and sales success. The today show used two sub-domains, to motivate 6 million people to vote on every aspect of Melanie and Peter's wedding from the entree to the honeymoon destination.

Using the promotional power of one medium to drive traffic to the other, they were able to introduce more wedding suppliers to wedding buyers than or any sites like it. I don't know how you can consider ALL these factors in a computer appraisal.

Don't forget the sub-domain factor.

And don't forget on sale now are and, two of the richest and ripest possibilities for sub-domain potential with infinite lifetime royalties: think,,, Or, Nordstroms, etc.

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