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Saturday, September 07, 2013

Hey Frager What's Up With Your Blog- Don't You Ever Write Anything Original?

Truth is that I don't write much these days due to a degenerative nervous disorder (think Michael J. Fox trying to write a blog), that effects my hands. Cutting and pasting is about my limit. However in cutting and pasting I curate selects from thousands of articles I consume in a day, and tend to think I add value by bringing you stories that effect your investments and livelihoods that you won't see anywhere else.

But once a year you WILL get something original. They are profiles of Domaining's most fascinating people and in many cases (Michael Cyger) we spotted talent very early and defied naysayers and got it right.

Who do you think should be profiled as one of domaining's most fascinating people, joining the prestigious group below for this year?

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