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Friday, September 20, 2013

iFix IT— First Person To Buy iPhone 5S and 5C Rips It Apart (video)

Photo: Apple
According to CBS This Morning, "Apple's new iPhones go on sale in the United States Friday, but the people who work at an American tech company went to Australia to buy the first ones on the market. But they weren't going to use the phones, they were buying them to tear them apart.

At 8:00 a.m. at the Apple Store in Melbourne, Australia, Luke Soules was one of the first people in line at one of the first places on earth selling the new iPhone 5S and 5C. He dismantles the phones and photographs what's inside.

And then, half a world away in California -- where the phones didn't go on sale for 17 hours -- Soules' colleagues at iFixit, a do-it-yourself electronics repair web site, download and analyze his photos of the inner workings and post the information online." CBS will show you the results in the video below.

We have already heard rumblings of dissatisfaction from Rick Schwartz. Echoing his sentiments about Typeface are advertising icon Sal Randazzo who writes “Typography isn’t just about taste; it’s about functionality. On the screen, and for information design, Helvetica – whether Neue or not – is not functional; it just gives the flavor of functionality. The letterforms are too closed, too uniform; they’re not easy enough to distinguish at a glance. And a glance is exactly what we give to the screen of our phone.”

John D. Berry is is president of ATypI (Association Typographique Internationale).

He blogs, "Everything that Jony Ive says about design in his iOS7 video is true. Unfortunately, in the typography of the visual interface, he hasn’t followed through. What we’ve seen is only a preview; the UI is still in development, and it could change for the better before it’s released."

The report they continued, "I wonder whether, in the age of Apple’s Retina display, there’s any need to stick with sans-serif faces on the screen. For years, I’ve felt that an open humanist sans was the most functional style of typeface for reading onscreen; but perhaps that’s no longer true. Or at least not necessarily."

Of course, except for colors and cosmetics insiders know that all upgrades and improvements are software driven. Upgrade the software and your existing iPhone 4 or iPhone 5 can have just as of a music player, all the same apps and a even better camera (especially if you have the lens on both sides). And there are apps that make the iPhone better than any new iPhone you could look forward to.

Now the CBS brief video

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