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Monday, September 16, 2013

I'm A Blogger, You're a Blogger But Here's What Bloggers Need To Remember

There is no doubt that blogging is here to stay and is fast becoming one of the most powerful tools when it comes to mass communication. It has become an accepted part of modern life.

I have found that writing articles for sites such as Linkedin is a great way to raise your profile, establish a personal brand and to speak directly to a potentially vast audience without the filter that comes with other forms of mass communication.

And one of the best things about blogging is the fact that everyone with access to the internet can do it. The rise of social media has opened up mass communication to almost everyone and has also made the world a more democratic place in the process.

I am by no means a professional blogger and I am sure there are people with far more expertise in this area than me. However in my experience there are some useful guidelines that are a great help when it comes to business blogging. Here are five steps that could come in useful for anyone who is thinking of sharing their views with the rest of the world.

==>Know your audience
You should always have a firm grasp of who you are writing for, and more importantly, what they want. Generally speaking, if you are a part of that culture yourself, you will find it a lot easier in terms of knowing what resonates. I try to think of blogging as having a conversation or a debate with a friend or colleague. One of the most important things to remember about blogging is the fact that there are many people out there with their own sites and online columns. This means that it can be really hard to get your voice heard in what is an incredibly crowded marketplace. Therefore, rather than trying to be everything to everyone, it is best to choose exactly who you are writing for, and tailor your content accordingly.

==>Stick to the point
These days we are constantly bombarded with information, and it is natural to want this information to be simple. If you do have something to say then make sure you stick to the point and are as concise as possible. Instead of veering off into several different tangents, each post should have no more than 2 key strands running through it. This will not only maintain your reader’s interest, but will also keep you focused when writing as you will have a clear structure.

==>Cut out the jargon
When writing about business, it is all too easy and common to fall into the trap of using jargon. Just because you happen to be writing about complicated issues such as the economy or the finer points of running a business, it does not mean you always have to speak in complicated and obscure language. If you want to get people to fully grasp your message then speak in the kind of language that anyone can understand. Otherwise you can blur the message you are attempting to deliver.

==> Stay fresh and relevant
You should always try and make sure your content isn't dated. Of course there are some posts which are on a more general theme, but if you want to be seen as somebody who knows what they are talking about, you must keep your finger on the pulse. Look at news which is relevant to what you are talking about - and then try to approach it from a fresh angle. Your blog will stand out a lot more if you are seen to be discussing stories from a perspective nobody has really thought of before.

==>Always double check before hitting the send button
One of the most important things to remember is that once something has been put out there on the internet there is no going back. The big downside of the web is that it is almost impossible to control and contain any kind of negative publicity. We are now in a new age of around the clock access to instant information which means that you should always be ultra-careful about what you post or say online. Always check and double check and if there is any doubt at all then don’t press the send button. One poorly delivered or mistimed message can undermine months or even years of hard work.

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