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Monday, September 30, 2013

Jet Blue Launches "Mint" Without..... (Well, By Now You Should Know)

We know that's taken because we wrote about it in 2009 when Intuit paid $170 million for the name and app attached to it.

Of course they could go .MINT since Intuit doesn't seem to want or need it. But once that's taken what then? 

I haven't seen the tagline but if I were writing a tagline for a Jet Blue premium "airline within an airline," it would be Mint: "A Breath of Fresh Air"*** so if you want to reg that... it's taken too but for sale HERE.

Via USA Today: "JetBlue, the single-class carrier whose brand was built partly on the idea that it treats all its passengers equally, will launch a new premium class next summer.

Available only on flights between New York and San Francisco and New York and Los Angeles, the new premium section, dubbed "Mint," will feature lie-flat seats, its own tapas-style menu, and customized amenity kits. The first flight with the new premium section will take off from New York's JFK to Los Angeles International Airport on June 15, 2014.

JetBlue's new premium class, to be officially unveiled today, is the latest volley in the high-stakes battle among U.S. carriers for premium fliers who pay the highest fares for a more luxurious ride or to fly at the last minute, particularly from New York to Los Angeles and New York to San Francisco.

"It's almost like a nuclear arms race on these two routes,'' says Jami Counter, senior director of SeatGuru, a website that offers information and reviews of airline seats, services and amenities. "In the last year, one carrier keeps outdoing the other carrier.''   MORE

***Attention: Jet Blue- send me the email account I should direct your PayPal invoice for creating the tagline to

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