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Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Microsoft Buys Nokia Devices to Acquire Their Next CEO and Concede It's A Mobile World From Now On (Kiss Type-Ins and Keyboards Goodbye. Welcome Speak INS!)

AP Via Business Insider
According to Business Insider, "Microsoft will pay 3.70 billion Euro for Nokia's devices business. That's nearly $5 billion is U.S. dollars. Microsoft will also pay an additional 1.65 billion Euro ($2.2 billion U.S.) for the rights to Nokia's patents.

All together, the deal will cost Microsoft about $7 billion U.S.

Microsoft will also take on about 32,000 Nokia employees. Nokia's CEO Stephen Elop will transfer to Microsoft too. (Elop used to work at Microsoft before becoming the Nokia CEO and now stands #1 in line to replace Ballmer.)"

The death of type-ins and keyboards ceding to a world of mobile devices and spoken word is rapidly changing the way we communicate and the dynamics of making and running a website. We are already seeing long form, tablet-friendly web designs like THIS one and new WordPress Themes like this one-  EVEN Merlin Kauffman gets it ahead and right on It's why Marchex went Mobile and distanced itself from Domain names!

I generally like the scroll format.  Initially, it probably has most relevance for consumer products/services — where tablets are quickly over-taking laptops.  However, I think it will be a very long time till business people replace their desktop/laptops with tablets to do their productivity work. I believe strongly that tablets will have a very strong place in the business world, and are already beginning to make inroads — especially for roaming workers (doctors, insurance agents, realtors, construction site workers, etc.). But these devices in most cases will supplement, rather than replace desktop/laptop machines for heads-down business uers.  

Personally, I own and actively use an iPad, iPhone, iPod, MacBook Air, Thunderbolt docking station for MacBook, Kindle.  Each device has a different function in my personal and work life. I'm sure it will be the same for others.

And if you are waiting for me to remind you I told you so about this sea change, so I did too RIGHT HERE!

In other news today...... (note the death of dotcom article at the end)

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