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Monday, September 02, 2013

Stop The Press: Additional Frank Schilling Aug Sales Squeeze Through Escrow Just In Time

I wrote a post and the system crashed erasing it, so I give up and will simply yellow highlight the new adds.  All I can recover is:
"To be included in our August report. The best among them is a great name for voice recognition app or seniors call rate program to replace the bad names ( and we blogged about here to Christoph Ulrich and we'll have to wait and see which of his many Fortune 500 SEO clients he attaches it to."

"If you don't have a High Profile, Memorable, Easy to Spell and Communicate Web Address . . . you will find it more and more difficult to compete and make money on the Internet as this century progresses." ~~ ~ Rick Schwartz redirecting to Old World Inn is a perfect example of what Rick is talking about, a traffic trapping domain augments your brand name, funneling customers to your door before competitors.  Names like this put you atop the search results organically, savings millions to combat the many dollars otherwise necessary for SEO and advertising Who Would Ever Know / Think of This?

Merlin Kauffman gem finds a great home. Merlin always thinks ahead and buys domains to address unsolved problems he recognizes and disruptive models he envisions (for example check out, a gem he kept and developed himself)

Famous Artist Wisely Chose the EMD To His Brand

SURFMAXX .COM Redirects here

And your DNS Results for August-to-Date with links to the end users who have activated them $10-20k USD (to Adey.Co.UK) $12.5k USD (Kauffman)
BrowseSecure.Com $3-5K (Schaffer)
BuildingManager.Com    $15k USD  (redirect to version)
CDrive.Com    $20-50k USD
ClaireFrance.Com  (Redirect from .CA) $10-20k (Lamm)
DigitalReward.Com $5-10k USD
Ebibe.Com (Shane) (Kauffman)
EverDrive.Net            $3-5k USD (Kauffman) 
FilmTrack.Com    -
FirstPay.Com (Kauffman) $10-20k (to owner of
FutureCells.Com  (Shane)
GulfHomes.Com         $3-5k USD        (Shane)
HandWrittenThankYouNotes.Com  (Schaffer)
HostingAdvice.Com   $4k USD
HotelNapaValley.Com  (Redirect to Old World Inn)
IdentityProtect.Com $3-5k USD
Lasso.Net        $3-5k USD $3-5k USD
Lemnoideae.Com (schaffer) $10-20k USD $3-5k (Brown)
LowEnergyHeater.Com $8K
Medicina.Com (Schaffer) (Truncation from $10-20k USD
NewYearFest.Com $18K (to Nikkie.NL) $7K $7K
PayDayCashLoans.Com (Chong)
PeakSeason.Com       $10-20k USD (Redirect
Philanthropist.Com $3-5k USD
RoofTarp.Com  $130K $12,500
Seequence.Com (Stealth website for Seeq Corporation) $10-20k (shane) $50-100k (to Dick's Sports)
Sparconinc.Com (Schaffer) $5-10k USD (Yummy)
StarShape.Com          $20-50k USD
Sticky-Fingers.Net (Redirect Gekko Sports)  $10-20K (Kauffman) (Kauffman)  $5 K
TwinCityClassic.Com (Shane) to Johannesburg's TYME Capital $40K     
UniqPlanet.Com $15k $4500

As always, check with DNJournal Wednesday afternoon for the most accurate pricing and exclusively reported results.

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