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Friday, October 04, 2013

BRAVO! Colin Pape Opens Apple-Like Store To Help Local Businesses Get Better Results By Getting Online

Colin Pape of and ShopLocally fame has taken his personal passion and beta market for the whole 8000 city ShopCity.comprogram,, and turned the whole digital idea on its back- by opening a BRICK & Mortar store.

Wow I was blown away when I saw this video after reading a Tech Vibes article that features it that came to my attention on Facebook. I am so proud of Colin. You've come so far and now invented a model that no other GEO site / initiative (Google included) can beat. 

According to ShopLocally, on-site "Internet Gurus" provide expert advice (without appointments) to local businesses who have questions about online apps and websites.

“We created this facility so businesses would have easy access to advice, the ability to try out the latest technology, and a place to get together in a group environment to learn best practices and ultimately create stronger local economies," Pape noted.

The Local Hub features wall-mounted iPads and workshop tables.

btw, Love the recycled bowling alley lane as table tops. When Colin blogged about opening an "office"  who could have ever imagined this.

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