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Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Started In Seattle (.com) Features Dev Hub in Latest Video

A variation on Domain Sherpa (but no relation), "Started In Seattle" is an independent and in-depth directory of all things startup in Seattle. Our mission: to give tech fans and prospective employees an inside look into startups in the Seattle area. (Hold us to this!) Where did they come from? Where are they going? Which office, coffee shop or alleyway are they working in? Who inspires them to be great? These are the things that are exciting to us, and we hope they’re exciting to you as well.

Our friends at Devhub deploy websites, mobiles sites and landing pages to Small Business Providers worldwide via an SaaS platform We chat about dealing with enterprise sales, the difficulty of startups, and the little things.

Remember when we embraced then laughed at "mini sites"? Well for the folks at Dev Hub,m here's laughing at you. Look at GoDaddy, WIX,, the pre-fab website is just as important to their bottom line as the domain name registration itself.

As they say, it takes a while to build a business, but when you build then license a platform it's nice to see the ACH payments building in your account on the first of every month.

Watch the video below. Read the interview and jump to HERE:

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