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Saturday, October 26, 2013

Stepping on A Trademark: Work (.Co) Counters That 'Hundreds' of Companies Use the Word 'Work'

Work vs. Work & Co.: Agency Says Ex-Huge Execs Are Stepping on Its Trademark

Six-Month-Old Work & Co. Counters That 'Hundreds' of Companies Use the Word 'Work'.

But by calling themselves Work & Co. and using a dotCO, they may have found a trademark defense that can be marketed by Co Internet.

Work & Co. opened this past May with a number of ex-Huge executives, including Founding Partner and Chief Strategy Officer Gene Liebel, Creative Director Joe Stewart, Partner and Head of Product Design Felipe Memoria and VP-Product Design Marcelo Eduardo. Mohan Ramaswamy, a former product strategy lead at Huge and more recently an engagement manager at McKinsey has also joined the new shop.

Richmond, Va.-based agency Work (trademarked as Work but on the url is small but it can still make a fuss. The shop wants its followers on Facebook and Twitter to know that it trademarked its name long before there was a Work & Co., the shop started by ex-Huge executives earlier this year.

On Wednesday, the older company created a website called Work vs. Work & Co. featuring this note:

In May we were contacted by several individuals who read an article in Advertising Age announcing an agency opening in New York called — WORK & CO. Some were confused and wondering if it was us. Some were shocked. Some were angry. We contacted the new agency to express our concerns. However, they did not share the same concerns. What do you think?

The note also encourages people to share their thoughts on Facebook and Twitter. It shows each shop's logo, as well as a photo of Dan Wieden and Jay Chiat at Work's office well before Work & Co. came along. Mr. Chiat died in 2002.

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