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Friday, November 29, 2013

Alcatel and Apple Rocket to New 2013 Highs; PLUS How to Optimize Your Blog for Monetization

PLUS: Mr. Berkens, question is not what if Donuts bought BitCoin instead, but what if Donuts bought Alcatel instead JUST six months ago at .70 cents a share? Each $185K would be a million. Unlike BitCoin, Alcatel was a sure bet because you can't bet on BitCoin or any part of the Internet without betting on Alcatel first (aka Bell Telephone) who owns the gateways and 4G that Google, ATT, Sprit, Verizon, Apple and major telcos in 200 plus countries including China rely on to get from them to you and I. VIP newsreader regulars like Mr. Berkens can't say we didn't call it early and often.

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