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Saturday, November 16, 2013

I Started An Idiotic Chain Of Toxic Emails That Took Up My Headspace For A Few Of My Short Hours On This Planet.

A tale every one of my blogging colleagues can relate to:
Twitter's Claire Diaz-Ortiz writes:
"Managing email is one of the most trying, time-consuming, and overwhelming parts of every professional's daily life. And although many of us buy into the theory that email isn't work(because real work should be creation-based), the unfortunate reality we all have to face is that, sadly, email is work.
Why? Because we need to do it to get our jobs done, it takes up time, and it's an expected part of our professional roles. So, even though emailing may not be helping you get that product launched, or that book into your publisher, it is part of your job. Ugh.
I believe that email can become even more challenging when you face a regular stream ofunsolicited emails. These are emails from folks you don't know who want things, want to tell you things, want to ask you things, or want to yell at you about things (see more on that last one below).
As someone with an active online life - and a blog with 35,000 newsletter subscribers - I get a lot of these unsolicited emails. And, for years, I've tried hard to respond to many of the ones I get. This doesn't mean I respond to every email - not by a long shot - but it does mean I try.
But there's one type of email I won't respond to, and it's the one type of email I recommend you never respond to either.
What email is that? It's the most toxic of all bad emails out there.
The irrationally negative email. The I-hate-you email. The YOU SUCK email."

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