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Sunday, November 17, 2013

Working Hands (.com): This Is How You Sell Products With Direct Response Domains

Today we will speak of something few bloggers dare mention: The power of a perfect fit direct response "call-to-action" advertising domain and the value created that out values any other formula because it SELLS product and you can quantify ROI very simply.

I've told you about maestro copywriter Ted Cooper's Never-Been-Improved-Upon Copy Formula

1. Make a Promise

2. Prove It

3. Ask for Action

4. Leave Everything Else Out

Add a domain name that speaks to the target audience and strikes an emotional chord, and products will fly off the shelves.

Interesting, isn't it? That would sure disqualify a whole lot of ads you see and hear today, on the Internet and off, on your TV and radio, and on your breakfast table when you're reading the paper.

But then... how many of those ads are really designed to bring the business owner business?

As opposed to such lofty goals as "build brand awareness"... "get your name out there" ... "strengthen shelf of mind" ... and so on.

I've often wondered who those above-mentioned goals are for: the business... or someone else who profits each time the ad runs?

Is because writing copy is not just about words.

It's understanding the core desires of the audience being targetted, the ability to create unbeatable offers to get people to buy and creating campaigns that work, create response and create loyal customers. There are copy writers, the newer breed, who read a few books and proclaim themseleves experts and then there are the real copywriters, like Michel Fortin, Ted Cooper (who helped launch Apple, Schwab and Quick Books), John Carlton, Ted Nicholas, Joe Sugarmen, and others who all earned their stripes as Direct Mailers who have moved there hard earnt skills to the internet. 

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