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Friday, December 27, 2013

A "Click Fraud" Bit Coin Story: From Homeless to Millionaire

With bitcoins still hovering over $100, one miner explains how he makes money at his computer 24/7, clicking on PPC ads, supporting the Bitcoin system.

It's called Bit Coin and pretty much it's virtual money.

You earn just a fraction of a penny by clicking on ads and different websites.

It may not sound like much but it adds up, meaning meals for some homeless people here in Pensacola. They have a laptop but no bed.  The last time Chris Kantola and Jesse Angle slept in a bed was nearly a month ago. "I haven't showered since the 2nd." said Jesse Angle.

They've been living on the streets for several years often not knowing when they would get their next meal. Kantola said, "I know its illegal to dumpster dive, but it doesn't stop me if I'm hungry enough." Everything they own fits in a backpack including laptops that were donated to them by friends.

Well a few months ago those came in handy when they discovered Bit Coin -virtual money. Kantola said, "It depends, it will vary from 1/100th of a cent to a cent, but it wont be much more than that." So what can it buy? Pizza and a whole lot of it.

Kantola said, "To the point we are getting sick of pizza.   If it wasn't for that, we would go, 'all right lets hit a dumpster'," It can also buy a place to sleep. "If we had enough Bit Coin, we could go hey you guys want to spend a night at the Marriot, yeah!" said Angle.

However it takes a long time for to accumulate Bit Coin but in the past 4 months, together they've made about $500 dollars. So how does it work? They earn the money by clicking on ads, videos, and websites. "You earn .00001 or .00005 some fraction of Bit Coin.

You just keep putting in those things, once every half hour for every website." said Kantola. The library recently stopped letting them charge their laptops outside.

Some electrical outlets in the city were locked making it difficult for them to keep earning money. So after an article on them was featured on, a good Samaritan donated solar chargers. Their hope is to get back up on their feet and earn enough Bit Coin to keep them fed along the way.

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