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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Frank Schilling 2007: "It Is Impossible To Stop The Dot Com Tide. Simply Try To Imagine How Dot Com Plays Into Our Lives As You Digest It"

A 180 Turn?????

Frank Schilling Gems Circa 2007: It's Impossible To Fight The dotCOM Tide

I wonder how Frank feels about what he validated here in 2007 now in light of his own gTLD play with UniRegistry. I'd have to assume that one has no impact on the other although in my opinion the gTLDs only make AAA-rated dotCOM domains all the more valuable and unique.

Flashback: June 12, 2007  INCLUDES 29 comments with very PASSIONATE debate by people who are friends now that I don't even remember arguing with then.

Why It’s Impossible to Fight the .COM Domain Tide by Frank Schilling

Unstoppable_tideYes, I agree that there is a place for other extensions and that if you had the luck, savvy and foresight to register or at registration price, you will do fine long term.. maybe even do outstandingly well. But this 6.5 minute video featured on Owen’s blog today (which I encourage every person interested in domain names to watch), perfectly illustrates why it is impossible to stop the dot com tide. Simply try to imagine how dot com plays into our lives as you digest the last 30 seconds.
Owen, you really are "always thinking".

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