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Sunday, December 29, 2013

PETER ECONOMY's 17 Daily Affirmations for Managers

Apply each daily, at work, and your productivity will increase and your work will improve.

Whether your company is large or small, being a manager is a tough job. Not only are you responsible for your own performance, but you are also responsible for the performance of your employees and of your organization. These responsibilities can weigh heavily on the shoulders of even the most experienced managers, company owners, and executives. It’s easy to get lost in the details and to forget to look at the big picture.

To help you get above the fray, I have collected the following 17 daily affirmations for managers. They may seem simple, and they are, but they're also very powerful. Give them a try! At the beginning of each day, jot one down in your planner or write it on a sticky note and put it where you’ll see it on your desk or wall. During your workday, from time to time, just think about it.

1. Managing is a people job. Put people first.

2. Managing is what you do with people, not to people.

3. The energy your employees bring to their jobs will be directly proportional to the energy you bring to the job. Be an energy manager!

4. The best performance starts with clear goals.

5. If it’s to be, it begins with me.

6. You gain power when you share power with your people.

7. Walk your talk by backing up your words with actions. People believe what they see more than what they hear.

8. The best business is common sense.

9. The simple approach is often the best approach.

10. Always ask: What do your customers value, and how do you know that they value it?

11. You get what you reward.

12. The more challenges you face, the closer you are to your goal-;don’t give up!

13. Don’t sweat the small stuff (it’s all small stuff).

14. If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it.

15. Remember: It’s not personal, it’s business.

16. Make work fun-;it’s good for you, your employees, your customers, and the bottom line.

17. If you don’t like the way things are today, be patient. Everything will change tomorrow.

Perhaps you can add a few of your own affirmations to this list. 

No matter how much pressure you’re under, or how tough a day you’ve had, always remember to take the time to step back from the grind and look at the good stuff. 

Spend time with friends and family. Set aside a few weeks each year for a real, get-out-of-town vacation where you'll be outside of the reach of your mobile phone, your e-mail, and your Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. 

Get out of the office at lunch, walk to a local park, and let your mind wander. Not only will you be reenergized, but so will those around you.

About Peter Economy
Peter Economy is a best-selling business author, ghostwriter, developmental editor, and publishing consultant with more than 65 books to his credit, including Leading Through Uncertainty: How Umpqua Bank Emerged from the Great Recession Better and Stronger than Ever, Managing For Dummies, Leadership Ensemble: Lessons in Collaborative Management from the World’s Only Conductorless Orchestra, The Management Bible, and many more.

He writes columns on leadership and management for (The Management Guy) and has also served as Associate Editor for Leader to Leader magazine—published by the Frances Hesselbein Leadership Institute in New York City—since 2001. Peter taught MGT 453: Creativity and Innovation as a lecturer at San Diego State University, is on the National Advisory Council of The Art of Science Learning, and is a founding member of the board of SPORTS for Exceptional Athletes.

Peter coauthors the Venture Edge blog with USC Professor of Entrepreneurship Kathleen Allen, he was a business expert for the, NBCi,,, and websites, and served as the staff management expert for Time magazine’s TIME Vista Boardroom website along with such business luminaries as reengineering expert Michael Hammer and marketing gurus Michael Treacy and Jack Trout. He also penned a regular column on client relations for, a website geared to the needs of independent professionals, and has written articles for a number of magazines, including Gallup Management Journal and Sailing World.

A graduate of Stanford University, Peter has worked closely with some of the nation’s top business thinkers, including Jim Collins, Frances Hesselbein, Peter Senge, David Whyte, Kellie McElhaney, Marshall Goldsmith, Jack Trout, Rosabeth Moss Kanter, Gary Hirshberg, Peter Georgescu, Guy Kawasaki, William Taylor, Jim Kilts, Jean Lipman-Blumen, Ken Blanchard, and many others.

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