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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Apple’s Personal Assistant Siri Has It Out For Google and New TLDs

Apple CEO Tim Cook just revealed that the company has 400 million active accounts with credit cards registered for its online stores—in other words, iTunes and the App Store. They did $10 Billion last year without needing a single domain name.

SIRI: Preloaded in the Dashboard of 9 Major Cars, Connected to 400 Million Credit Cards
Anyone wondering why Apple needed to reserve only one TLD?

It's because SIRI is about to fundamentally change direct navigation to the point where domain as brands will be relevant, but not ever needed for Internet navigation.

That's is for the MOBILE web which we had all heard will be the only web once the world goes Cloud. It's a very different web than the one domainers understand.

The software application, which can respond to user's spoken questions and commands, played a big part in the keynote presentation at Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference on Monday.

With the military and all of the Fortune 500 jumping on the SIRI bandwagon analysts now believe that Steve Job will get retribution for Google competing in the phone business, by making SIRI the new Google of the search business. With agreements already in place with Facebook, Yelp and Open Table competition looks to be fierce.

According to Wired, "During today’s opening keynote at the World Wide Developers Conference, Apple listed nine automakers that are set to bring Siri into cars within the next year.

A single slide showing a BMW dashboard with an iPhone mounted front and center illustrated the “Eyes-Free” approach of the integration, and it’s assumed that existing voice buttons — normally found on the steering wheel — would be able to call up the iPhone’s virtual assistant.

In addition to BMW, Audi, Chrysler, Honda, General Motors, Jaguar, Land Rover and Toyota were all listed as planning to bring Siri functionality to their wares.

How Siri will be implemented — and in what way it would possibly override the existing voice control functionality on existing vehicles — weren’t disclosed, and considering everything that Apple announced, it’s no surprise that the consumer electronics manufacturer didn’t have time to delve into the details.

It deserves noting that Mercedes has already announced plans to integrate Siri into its all-new A-Class, due out in Europe later this year. It’s also odd that Ford — an leader of in-car technology — wasn’t listed among the participating automakers, although it’s possibly that integrating with Sync by Microsoft may be a sticking point. Also notable in its absence is Hyundai and KIA, the latter of which also has a deal with Microsoft to supply the underlying architecture of its UVO infotainment system."

According to, "With Apple's upcoming mobile operating system, iOS 7, people will be able to use Siri to get spoken turn-by-turn directions, make restaurant reservations, get the latest sports scores and post status updates to Facebook (FB) and Twitter.

Apple is positioning Siri as a search tool to replace Google (GOOG) in many instances, says Roger Kay, an analyst with Endpoint Technologies Associates. Apple has forged deals with major databases so it doesn't have to direct traffic to rival Google, he says.

"They're taking the most profitable piece out of Google's business," Kay said. "That's the high-value, high-frequency traffic."

Apple has hooked up with OpenTable (OPEN) for restaurant reservations, Yelp (YELP) for reviews, TomTom for digital maps, and other services for movie listings, sports and weather. Apple will be able to generate ad revenue from Siri requests related to businesses, Kay says.

Apple is marginalizing Google's presence on the iPhone by replacing Google maps with its own service and replacing Google search with Siri."

Moreover according to Business Insider, "when it comes to mobile payments for anything made up of bits, Apple has a huge advantage in its giant pool of customers and the ease with which they can pay.

Apple CEO Tim Cook just revealed that the company has 400 million active accounts with credit cards registered for its online stores—in other words, iTunes and the App Store. They did $10 Billion last year without needing a single domain name.

That's more than PayPal, which has 110 million active accounts (out of 232 million total), and, which reports having 152 million customer accounts."

Siri will continue to improve as people use it more, says Shaw Wu, an analyst with Sterne Agee. "It actually learns. The more people use it, the better it gets," he said. Apple is building a database of speech recognition and query requests from Siri in the Internet cloud, Wu says.

Photos: Jon Phillips/Wired 

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