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Sunday, January 19, 2014

Does Vanity Sell in Domain Names? Can dot Tattoo Take A Lesson From ME (TV)?

For years successful individuals have flaunted vanity license plates and monogrammed shirt cuffs as a sign of status and uniqueness in a world where most everyone else is just the same.

In May 2007 after years of trying to sell dotTV as a broadcast domain, according to Tech Crunch, "Demand Media rolled out today, a new social network around person video sites hiring Carson Daly as its spokesperson and even funding expensive TV ads featuring Carson.

Continued Tech Crunch, "You have to have a .tv domain name to create a site on the network, which costs $25/year. There are a number of example sites up already. See Demand Media CEO Richard Rosenblatt’s page at (Rosenblatt was the CEO of MySpace just prior to its acquisition by Fox). Carson Daly (MTV, NBC) also has a site up at (pictured).

Well we all know where that went.

So for dot Tattoo I would take a different approach. I would set up an alliance program with every brick and mortar Tattoo artist on t plant. That would ensure sign ups and renewals if you spiff them on same. For you need a surrogate salesforce that has direct contact with the target audience to close the sale. You can't rely on Tattoo enthusiasts to "get it" from a sea of new domain messages. Sand you need  a push why they would want a site which could be bundled in with a WordPress template an embedded Instagram of the latest Tattoo given and even a auto-pilot announcement to all social circles, likely to be Tattoo enthusiast too. That will get the brand known quick by those which the most chance of making it a monetary success.

That's where Uniregistry should be spending their time and money in those social circles rather than arguing with domainers all day. The new gTLDs are not investment plays, except for those with possible directory, call-to-action and commercial value.

Domainers whining over their losses on .TV, .VO and .Mobi when this blogger told you not to go there and you ganged up and laughed at the old pioneer laughing at the young arrow who was not going to be your Daddy's Internet. (while Making "Daddy" Bob a billionaire in the process of proving ME wrong).

This is an excerpt from a blog post I made from August 2010 titled “Demand Media S-1: The DotTV Emperor Has No Clothes”

So let me separate the grain from the chaff:

I am bullish on VIDEO, not dotTV. Because nothing SELLS like the POWER of VIDEO and there isn’t a profitable business that can’t be improved by adding video to its site. This is especially true in the b2b space.

I am also recognizing a bigger trend emerging. Where frustrated workers trapped in dead end jobs are desparate for an escape route from the corporate grind. They work longer hours and see their expenses rise as their benefits and paychecks fall.

The Today Show recently featured a segment on entrepreneurship — specifically, how many individuals are beginning to start businesses in response to a fragile economy and job market.

As unemployment rises (currently up to 7.5%), many driven individuals find themselves without jobs and are forced to find creative solutions to their economic pressures. They are reading about all the people making money and enjoying better work/ life balance with opportunities online. They are also rethinking exactly is it that they want out of work and life, and why. And what kind of world has the work they’ve been doing left for future generations?

The Today stories and those covering them in USA Today and in the LA Times featured examples of people who kissed corporate goodbye and took control their destinies by building a brand– and a future online.

Many worked in companies where the perception was that it took years, millions and manpower to build an online presence and acquire customers to drive success. But through Demand Media sites, and YouTube, they found a way to do it with nothing more then a webcam and and a skill they can share.

Whether it’s fixing a toilet, making a challah or reviewing wine and finding 80,000 people and $50 million find YOU default because of the value you add to their lives. We covered 45 million people glued to Fred, and 700,000 people watching the baker. The women who taped themselves hand-knitting blankets, offering them up for baby shower gifts, and out selling the local department chain. And the 28 year old dotCOM millionaire who lost it all by age 29 and got it all back and more with a different approach.

None of this is hype, but all documented success.

There’s a whole world out there ready to take advantage of this revolution.

It’s not about how many sites you own, how many eyeballs you can attract or what extension you choose to communicate in. It’s about making possible what was not possible before- about applying the power of the Internet to live and share your passion. Starting from your heart and let wealth and success find its way to your pocket.

Most people start out with a goal to sell ads and make money.

Here, instead of looking for money in the leads you can send to others, when look in your heart for the passion you can inspire in others, the money WILL find you.

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