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Sunday, January 12, 2014

Florida Highway Patrol Recruiting At Be A Trooper (.com) & K12 (.com)

The state of Florida is very domain savvy using .com domains to redirect to longer strings one like 

To renew a license online go to which redirects you to 

To gather what you need to renew in person, go to See the trooper recruiting at Problem is that their government template sites still look and interface like shit. You can see 726 others here.  

Other states have not been so creative with dotCOM so by observing what Florida has registered may give clues to real, viable government prospects for assets you are holding.

Another government function I saw on a call-to-action TV spot is The idea is home schooling and taking education online. The company bought the domain early on (possibly from Mike Mann's "web names"), and owns almost 1000 others that spell out the future of education happening now, that they speculated on years prior.

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