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Thursday, January 09, 2014

Frager Factor Helps Put Kevin Davis' Name In Lights

It's a bird, it's a plane and it's really domainer Kevin Davis' that you saw on TV on a billboard, during the New Year's Eve celebration from Times Square.

From Kevin Davis: "Hey Owen I made it on Times Square New Years Eve and it didn't cost me a dime and I learned it all from reading your blog. I Just wanted you know that my company One Peace Is Missing made the digital billboards in Times Square on New Years Eve.This is not photoshop and very real and I am so stoked. I love the message One Peace Is Missing and hope you will too.You can get all kinds of cool merchandise at OnePeaceIsMissing.Com. Please check out the website and get a sticker or shirt and help spread the message. Here is a link for a sticker. Thanks again Owen. Peace, Kevin. 

BTW, Kevin also owns OnePieceIsMissing.Com because you know the Radio Test so if there is any confusion it  forwards to OnePeaceisMissing.Com." Another thing I learned from your blog," Kevin confided.

And people say our content is not relevant to domains. Silly people.

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