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Monday, January 13, 2014

Golden Globes: And The Award Goes To BING and Hash Tag (The New Call-to-Action)

Put #heroicwomen" into Google and you won't see the domain nor any book titles to that effect, first the Microsoft (Google competitor) page for the campaign along with everything folks are saying about it.

This is how madison Avenue has said "F-You" to the new domains, the old domains and especially paying Google for position. And just wait for the Super Bowl and you will see this big time. And put any has tag into Google like #NamesCon# and you'll see the benefit right there. You might want two know what all the talk is about in those rooms for a solution to a problem the market has solved itself.

Watching The Golden Globes lastnight? Of course you are. Then you probably noticed this TV spot for Microsoft’s Bing, the “fetch” of all search engines. The spot takes the stories of many strong women…and uses them to brand Bing’s identity, under the guise of “Celebrating the Heroic Women of 2013.” The spot’s been live for a couple weeks, but tonight it enjoys a huge audience, owing to the Globes. Its major misfire is the bizarre, if slipshod attempt at feminism. The spot cycles through the stories of strong women and in doing so, ends up likening Malala Yousafzai’s near-death experience to Margaret Thatcher’s political career and sets the whole thing to a song that sounds an awful lot like Katy Perry’s “Roar” – but isn't.

But BING also demonstrated the reversing trend away from using domains as call-to-actionsm instead using hash tag "#BeBrave" with Bing/HeroicWomen in smaller typeface beneath.

I hope this is a phase but we are seeing these has tags everywhere, signaling to me that Madison Ave is sick of dealing with ICANN, unavailable domains and inflexible speculators and has simply created its own system. 

Ricks always says the market will decide. In an ever increasing release of hash tagged call-to-action spots like this and surely to come big time on the Super Bowl, the market HAS decided.

Bing still sucks as a search engine (Like looking for a needle in haystack to see Bing referral in my stats) but they are getting better at commercials as this one you MUST SEE.

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