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Monday, January 13, 2014

Hash Tags "Social Signals" More Important Than Domains or Even Needing A Website At All, Says Study

In a study caked  "Websites Become Obsolete In 2014" the author is sure to burn you up !

"Did you know that most websites have become obsolete? Yes that's correct! By properly using a combination of Facebook and LinkedIn, organizations no longer need to maintain the cost and overhead of a website. LinkedIn becomes the selling page and Facebook the consumer page. Yes, this works in both a consumer, ministry and B2B sales environment. Why continue paying for a website that costs time and money when the concept is outdated for the majority of companies?"
"Of course there are some notable exceptions to the new trend in Internet marketing. Ecommerce, article and portals depend on their own website. However, that is one of the great advantages of a highly developed social footprint. The large search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing are more consistently scouting for constant social signals pointing to websites. The stronger the social signal the greater the search engine rankings. Bottom line whether an organization has a simple website that can be converted to a social media platform or a mega ecommerce presence social media such as Facebook and LinkedIn are a must to increase sales."

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