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Thursday, January 16, 2014

==> Pointing The Trigger Finger

Afternoon Folks,

When ordinary features-and-benefits-based communications fail to distinguish your business from the pack, it may be time to take your messages somewhere else—into the heart of the customer experience.
Maybe you've put off including offers with the automated—or triggered—messages you send to customers. Well, maybe it's time to rethink that strategy.

A study conducted by JupiterResearch found that the ROI on offers in triggered messages was nine times better than traditional batched messages.

Triggered messages based on consumer behavior come in three standard varieties:

Transactional Triggers ...
confirm an action taken by your customer, such as placing an order, updating a profile or opting in to a newsletter.

Recurring Triggers ...
based on the details in a customer's profile or agreement—will prompt birthday messages, contract renewal alerts and monthly billing notices.

Threshold Triggers ...
occur when a customer exceeds a threshold within their relationship with a company.

They respond to events such as  "account balance changes, [or] exceeding a threshold in loyalty points."

transactional campaign based on specific purchases—which requires the extra effort of real-time data integration—typically yields the best ROI.

Explore adding offers to your triggered messages.

With a little strategic planning ... you can create an automated marketing environment that produces compelling results.

We’re here to help. Therefore, the question is not if you need to do this, but how soon you can we get started.

Have GREAT day!


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someone else will.” 
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