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Monday, January 06, 2014

Realtor Blogs Help Reel in Clients, Boost Sales

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Informational or gossipy, agents say sites give them an edge.

BACK in 2006, which in the real estate blogo- sphere is pretty much akin to the dawn of creation, Real Estate Undressed blogger Larry Cragun had this to say to the American home-buying public:

"There is a new wave growing. Agents that blog. We believe you will eventually only use an agent that blogs. Why? Because . . . if they blog about a community they must know it. . . . You also learn more about them as they blog."

Cragun's advice must have been heeded, since it seems that every agent and their brother now has a blog. And if anecdotal evidence is to be believed -- nobody actually tracks this -- agents who are still selling today are agents who blog. MORE

Story lead via Green Taxi. via By Ann Brenoff, Los Angeles Times Staff Writer 
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