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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Wells Fargo (.MOBI) Morphs Into Get Banking Done (.com)- Hashtag Carries Equal Weight to Domain Call-to-Action

Have a look at what .Mobi thought it could be. It still has potential as a delivery brand. That's why any cctld or gTLD is only as good as ideas and the marketing behind them.

BTW, with Walgreens and Home Depot Purchases and other major corporations conceding to .com pressured by the "g's"-- it's time to update the master Fortune 500 domain acquisition list. If you know of anything else that should be on the list let me know.

In the commercial three friends show just how easy and convenient mobile banking can be using their smartphones and tablets to deposit a check, pay a bill, and pay a friend back for tickets -- all while getting ready for that evening's show. 

Call-to-action now weights hash tag as important as domain: "To learn more or join the conversation, visit or share using #GetBankingDone."
See the spot:

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