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Wednesday, February 05, 2014

12 Great Things about Twitter

According to TheDomains "Today is the first earnings report from Twitter as a public company.  They exceeded expectations as they were actually expected to lose about .02 a share and made .02 a share."

That in mind these observations from 2009 are more relevant than ever.

1. Twitter is intrinsically democraticŠ Or is it socialist? Everyone is your
comrade, even celebrities. That¹s probably more like socialism than it is
democracy I have to admit. Perhaps Twitter is advancing socialist principles
without knowing it?

2. People on twitter can be both boring and interesting to watch. Whee,
look, someone posted what they ate for breakfast, again, for the 1,382nd
time. Yay! It¹s like watching bread rise in an oven. In the dark. That
someone forgot to turn on.

3. People have described twitter as everything from an endless stream of
conversation to a cocktail party, to a drunken date you forgot you had when
you woke up the next morning. Unlike the drunken date, however, twitter
won¹t make you regret going to bed with it.

4. Twitter is your local pub, except better, because they aren¹t actually
people you know or care much about (especially if you¹re following over 100
people), and you won¹t actually notice if they pass away, get married
(unless they livetweet it, yeah baby!), or otherwise do something
interesting. But you won¹t really know it¹s interesting, because you¹re
already following way too many people to keep track of them all.

5. Twitter is playful, just like blogs used to be, but then weren¹t any more
because people realized you could connect the dots between what you wrote on
the blog and a person¹s real life. Oh, and I guess twitter will quickly wind
up the same way as our online lives are all-too-quickly merging with our
real-life personas. Except Second Life, of course. That will always be the
safe place to have sex with a purple-headed alien.

6. Twitter breaks news before everyone else. How else would I learn about
your Aunt Maggie¹s heart attack, the shoplifting at the local Quik-E-Mart,
or the fact that your dog is the neighborhood¹s primo Daddy? In other words,
news that doesn¹t directly affect you or have any real impact in your life
(but makes you feel excited as though you were actually a part of the story
in some way). Wow, look, Twitter reported something 7 minutes before
mainstream news caught wind of it. Yay! I am so up-to-date.

7. Who needs to get actual work done when you could twitter instead?
Tweetdeck ‹ a popular twitter application ‹ basically forces you to take up
your entire screen to twitter all day. So either you have multiple computers
(you rich geek son-of-a-gun), or you¹re not doing much other than
twittering. A procrastinator¹s dream (or nightmare!).

8. If you spend enough time on twitter, you can actually be your own
investigative reporter, rooting out twitter corruption and insincerity
amongst your vast number of followers. And since we¹ve already established
you¹re not actually working much (see Great Thing #7), you can devote vast
amounts of time that previously you had devoted to contributing to society
for the public or your own good. Thank you!

9. Just like the now-hopelessly-outdated Web before it, there¹s a lot of
charity and nonprofit uses going on with twitter. Now, not only will every
charity have one of those stupid, hopelessly outdated ³websites,² they can
also twitter their cause so that every time you RT them (retweet them), they
will donate a penny to their own cause. Feels good to do something good
without actually have to expend any real money or effort on your part,
doesn¹t it?

10. Who says Twitter isn¹t just a popularity contest? Don¹t tell that to
people who get excited when a celebrity follows them, or some random
Hollywood actor this week announces yet another ³challenge² to another
celebrity actor or mega-corporation. But unlike real life, you are an
amazing part of this social experiment. How? Well, because you¹re following
these people. Ah. Yeah, just like reading ³Us² magazine in real life.

11. Supposedly Twitter can drive traffic to websites, just like digg used
to. We still get more traffic from Google, but I¹m certain that¹s going to
change as soon as 10 million people retweet this article.

12. The twitter verbs can¹t be any more exciting! Look, we¹re all birds,
flitting around hither and thro! You can tweet, twitter, or as Stephen
Colbert might say, ³twatted.² We¹re no longer in a universe, we¹re in a
twitterverse. And when someone tweets, you can retweet their message to your
own followers (much like the old telephone game ‹ except there¹s no
telephone, no secret, and nobody much cares). Yes, this is flighty stuff.

source:- Declassified from Frager Factor VIP March 2009

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