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Thursday, February 06, 2014

Enrico Schaefer doesn't mind all rules, just the ones imposed by tradition, society, religion or government.

"The platform is not nearly as important as the content and conversation."

Good Afternoon Folks,

When I stumbled upon Enrico's quote from his BRILLIANT Frager factor guest post in my book of VIP archives for May 2009, I also came across an interesting blog post (in hindsight) by Eric Elkins on where Eric argues that content and conversation are the only 2 things that matter. According to Eric:

I say it every day, whether I’m talking to non-profit organizations, large corporations, inspired people building their personal brands, or, sadly for them, my friends:

The platform is not nearly as important as the content and conversation.

That’s right:
Twitter doesn’t matter.
Facebook doesn’t matter.

LinkedIn, Ning networks, Bebo, Friendfeed — there will always be something new on its way.

The platforms that have primacy today will go the way of Prodigy and Friendster. They’ll become punch lines in “new” media history. They’re useful tools right now, today, but we don’t know what the masses will adopt tomorrow.

Only two things matter: content and conversation.

If you can manage, or at least influence, the paths of your content and the direction of your conversations, if you can make them platform-agnostic, then you will be ready and able to adapt to the next big thing, no matter what it is.

It may sound facile—too simple in the age of ubiquitous media. It’s not.

When I’m at a networking event, picking up my daughter from school, or even sipping away at a dirty Ketel martini at my favorite bar, people ask me, “Do I need to be on Twitter?” or “Should I have a blog?”

The answer is always, “Maybe.” (Unless they ask if they should be on LinkedIn, in which case the answer is always “Yes.”)

Twitter, Facebook, blogs and forums are all conversational media tools. That’s all. You don’t use a screwdriver to hammer a nail into the wall (unless you can’t find a hammer, and then you’re using the screwdriver as a blunt instrument. It may work, but probably not very well).

So your content needs to be adaptable to multiple platforms; it needs to be easily shared, promoted, commented on, and it needs to be relevant to its audiences. You should use social media tools to propagate your content and to engage your audience(s) in meaningful interactions—conversations that you start, but also ones already occurring that are relevant to you. It really is that simple.

Consider the blog. A blog isn’t more than a bully pulpit if it doesn’t have readers. What distinguishes a blog from conventional media is the conversational aspects of its nature. Great bloggers develop relationships with their readers through commentary and feedback. They comment on others’ blogs, they link to content external to their blogs that they find worth sharing, they respond to reader comments. Bloggers share their content in many different ways, whether it’s tweeting about it or posting it on LinkedIn or Facebook, and they encourage and make it easy for their readers to share new posts.

It’s the confluence of sharable content and responsive conversation that makes social media an important PR, marketing and connecting tool. And that's what makes it fun, too.

You don’t have to be overwhelmed by the choices. You don’t have to keep up with every single new development in social media. If you have good, relevant content and are participating in conversations, then you’re already on the right track.

Thanks to Eric Elkins, the examiner and to all of you for listening.

Have a GREAT Evening!

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