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Thursday, February 20, 2014

From the gTLD Spoils, Arrives A Sure Winner dotNET! "That's Where The World Clicks"

Backed by a TV media campaign in the tens of millions that also pre rolls video articles in mature business publications like Forbes and INC, together with a major post-drop repurchase and sales success by Frank Schilling, the smart money as metal tiger says, is on dotNet. 

For example we know that Marchex unloaded 260 domains for $1.6 million aprox $266 each. But do we know how many of those were dotNet's Frank bought and is comfortably reselling for $5-25K? As I once blogged, Oversee, IReits scraps are HIS feast. Predictable domain flipper addictive behavior and going with the roar of the crowd is his best weapon for throwing other hunters off the REAL prize.

Says the ad "NET is one of the most popular domain names and with 15 million strong, is still one of the best places to launch your business online. Credibility is important to your customers, and like .COM, .NET is powered by Verisign, so you can be confident knowing it is trusted and reliable." Hear users say why they choose "pro-business" dotNET! Frank Schilling Recent .Net Sales ($5-25K)
Novabeat.Net - (20K) -  ($15K) ($20K)
FlashText.Net $5-10k
FreshStart.Net $4K (redirect to (redirect Ten Horns Spain)
Treed.Net  $3-5K $3-5k under $3k -  $1500
Networkserviceprovider.Net ($15K)
AirTime.Net ($20K) - $3-5k
FlashText.Net $5-10k
FreshStart.Net $4K under $3k
IndependentGirl.Net -  $1500 (20K) 
Networkserviceprovider.Net (redirect to
Novabeat.Net ($15K) $10-20k -  ($15K) (redirect Ten Horns Spain)
Treed.Net  $3-5K

Frank Schilling Recent Purchases    

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