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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Hey Frank Schilling, Do You Want To Get .SEXY With Me?

Congratulations to Uniregistry on the launch of two of the most in-demand consumer appealing domain strings among all the new gs: dotSexy and dotTattoo.

With this launch we begin to see some cracks in the value propositions overlooked in our initial excitement over the gs. GoDaddy won't carry them afraid that Frank will "Oversee" them out of existence. Then they don't work on Safari, the lifeblood of worldwide mobile where all the traffic is increasingly coming from.

And if you look a some other registrar agreements carefully, investors may not be permitted to resell, they revert to the registry to do so. It's their property. You are just renting it for a year with no agreement for uncontested renewal. Terms and conditions can change at anytime i.e. "we have another buyer so you pay us 10 years in advance."

But today is a ay for celebration so lets not dwell on things that will be worked out in time (with Uniregistry to open I think GoDaddy has a problem already without giving up data). It's called knowledge, service, pricing, support and INNOVATION that Seven Mile Labs is known for- all driven simply by a domainer eager to improve upon his own experience.

Speaking of Sexy, Frank posted this photo of himself getting ready for the Golden Globes on Twitter. I think he could have easily been mistaken for the next James Bond. Talk about sex, what could be sexy then mingling with the sexist men and women alive in Hollywood, a place that will one day tell the Frank Schilling story on the tech.12 times past 3D, maybe even beamed directly to your brain.(NO kidding watch this!)

So let's get sexy! (Just in your head as you sing it over and over for the rest of the day - guaranteed -- substitute the word SEXY for the word Funky

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