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Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Jerry Seinfeld Spends $8 on Hand Reg Then $8 Million To EXPLAIN IT In SuperBowl Spot

"The past, the glorious, profit-making, fun past of the media business was based on:
• scarce creators, under long term contracts
• scarce retail outlets, able to be controlled with marketing muscle
• scarce spectrum (few radio stations, few TV stations)
• copyright laws (and a lack of technology) that limited theft of services
• limited power of the creators to compete without a large media company as partner

It's hard to outline a point of view that shows the power of any form of media getting stronger over the next decade. There are going to be more TV channels, not less. More ways for authors to distribute their works, not less. More ways for musicians to connect with listeners, not less. More ways for consumers to sample or take content, not less." 
~~ Seth Godin

It took an expensive production budget to recreate a scene from Seinfeld then a $4 million dollar Super Bowl spot to tell the world "Seinfeld Reunion Online" can be found at (Estibot value "0"). I introduced you to this show last September claiming "Of course Estibot can never estimate the impact of celebrity-fronting or in this case JERRY SEINFELD fronting the emerging trend of websites becoming "diretc-tsodomain" broadcast networks as audiences flee from TV to their own devices at their own convenience."

And although its gotten great word of mouth, it apparently needed a Super Bowl-sized punch to make it really known.

The Seinfeld online show sans the poor name choice, is everything Seth Godin predicted in his infamous Hollywood post, and I have long foretold arguing that every domain name is a broadcast station (can be more than an order catalog) and all you need is an idea and friends who know how to use a camera and a mac to shoot content. Seinfeld has all that.

I was discussing appraisals for a name on Mark's board ands argued for Hollywood Uncovered I saw a 6-7 figure value if you could get it in front of someone like Seinfeld or better Ryan Seacrest, E or Inside Edition and other producers of tabloid TV.

I was more thinking of the value in terms of a "direct-to-domain" movie or TV title. It’s just reverse branding, start with an available domain rather than the time, costs and lost opportunities of the usual route of doing it the other way around. In this case the value is Frank Schilling’s motto “Why build a brand when you can buy one.” 

This assumes the "domains 101" costs and value of making a name out of a brand from ten years of advertising and pr versus getting all that with your domain purchase on day one. Few domains could be value leveraged like HollywoodUncovered but in this case where a “marquee matinee idol” name gets $30 million a picture, to appraise the name see John via John’s eyes.

Jerry Seinfeld just spent four million on one super bowl spot plus another at least 4 million on production to get his webisode site “” out there so while Mark's followers laughed at my appraisal, value is all relative. 

bt, I still don't think anyone remembers the Super Bowl spot or left it remembering the name of the site.

For me, I just Googled "Seinfeld Reunion Online" to find it.

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