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Friday, February 14, 2014

Thanks To Bill Hartzer's Advice We Are #3 For BitCoin on Google! What Else Do YOU Miss Not Reading Us Everyday?

Yesterday another blogger made a great point that I will make better with a few edits: "I think does a great job of updating me about domain investing related news as it happens, but when it comes to reading news about other marketing related topics, I haven’t had a “go to” website until I started reading the Frager Factor. Owen's three times daily posts allow me to see what else has been published that may not be related to domain names but could impact my business— articles I wouldn’t have read had it not been for Frager's recap." Comprehensive coverage of BitCoin and... Articles like the AdAge piece you'll find linked below about Morgan Linton (a domainer) yet having little to do with domains! or the Bill Hartzer advice we took to the bank you can find HERE in a past post. Don't miss today's editorially-based, masterfully curated selections! That's why, with close to 50,000 monthly readers, including the who's who of domaining who not only read us loyally for 7 years, but never miss a twice weekly by e-mail ONLY, VIP post in spite of their busy schedules.

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