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Monday, February 03, 2014

The BEST Super Bowl Ad You Didn't See: "Welcome to Casino's Law, hold on to your fucking dicks." #CasinosLaw

Batshit amazing spot only seen in the Atlanta market. 

During the first local commercial break of last night's Super Bowl broadcast, residents of Savannah, Ga., were treated to something truly incredible. Personal injury lawyer Jamie Casino bought the entire two-minute block of local advertising and aired the masterpiece you see above.

This is without a doubt the most metal personal injury commercial of all time. Oh, the ambulance chaser in your town has some iMovie effects and a nice suit? Jamie Casino's got murder, vengeance, and a flaming sledgehammer. Welcome to Casino's Law, hold on to your fucking dicks.

NOTE: I produced many TV spits for personal injury attorneys- this one takes the prize.

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