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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

==> Top 10 Click-Assured "Power" Words

Good Evening,

Before I present the Top Ten Power words in marketing communications, let, examine the Top Ten Language Pitfalls in Email marketing messages:

10. Typos and misspellings due to poor editin
There really is no excuse.

9. Subject lines in ALL C
Writing in all capital letters online is the equivalent of shouting. You would never scream at your customers or prospects in person, so don't do so virtually, either. If you must, capitalize a single power word within your subject line and leave it at that.

8. Use of punctuation marks and numbers within the subject
If absolutely necessary, use only functional punctuation such as a hyphen or colon. Do not put phone numbers in your subject line—ever!

7. ALL CAPS within the messa
ge body
Remember, no need to shout. Use other creative means such as color, different font, or buttons/banners/backgrounds for emphasis if there is an explanation, offer, or condition not to be missed.

6. Excessive or unnecessary Power Word repetition; especially of powe
r word #1
See below.

5. Copy written in passive rather than a
ctive voice
We need to get to the point quickly in email. Front-load sentences and paragraphs with action verbs and eye-catching benefits.

4. False or inflated sen
se of urgency
The very nature of email implies expediency, immediacy. Pushing recipients to respond by intentionally creating an environment of panic or scarcity usually doesn't provide an incremental lift in response. In fact, it can be a real turn off. Your audience is already in a mindset to quickly access and process email messages. Nudge, don't shove. Subtly mention deadlines or expiration dates when necessary or legally required, and if in doubt, test.

3. Vague 
"Click here" or "visit our Web site" are too general; they don't reinforce the subject of your message or your offer. Nor do they instill confidence in where a responder will land. Be specific, such as "download your free white paper" or "see the movie preview" instead.

2. Exag
gerated Modifiers
Like "Amazing," "Revolutionary," "Great," "All New," (when just "new" would suffice) and even "Special" and "Important," especially when used in the subject line, can land your email in the junk folder. Hype is a hallmark of spam and is unnecessary when your messages are targeted and relevant. Assuming they are (targeted and relevant), they will already be perceived as important, special, or great. Why state the obvious?

And the number-one pitfall:

1. Including the word "spam" in your message (such as
 "this is not spam")
The very existence of written justification that your email is ethical calls its legitimacy into question. I can't think of a more self-defeating proposition than stating your message is NOT what you fear it will be.

Now for the good news.

Top Ten Power Words

Here are the top ten power words for your email advertising and communications:

10. New

Appeals to our basic human curiosity to seek novelty.

9. Save
We a
ll love a bargain.

8. Safety
Connotes reliability; appeals to basic human needs.

7. Proven
Justifies your claim, removes fear of the unknown.

6. Love
An all-time favorite.

5. Guarantee
If you have one, state it. It iron-clads your offer.

4. Immediate (Now, or Instant)
Instant gratification is the expectation online. If it can't be found, completed, or received almost immediately, you're offer is in the wrong channel.

3. Results

Provides rationalization for instant conversion.

2. You
Remember WIIFM? Your audience wants to hear about what's in it for them, not you. Articulate your benefits in personal, conversational terms.

And the number one Power Word:

1. Free
Surprised? Probably not. Because this is the time-honored, most potent motivator in direct response, be particularly vigilant of overuse. Just a dash'll do. Strive to optimize placement, and test if necessary.

Have a GREAT day,

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"Good enough is never good enough because it's dull, boring and expected" 
~~The Baldchemist

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