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Saturday, February 22, 2014

WhatsApp Cost Telcos $33 Billion; How Men and Women View Porn Differently

PLUS: Fire. Them. All. Goldman Sachs Takes On Bitcoin;  55 Percent of All Email Opens Happened on a Mobile Device; 7 things you can (legally) steal from successful companies; The SEO Benefits To Google+ For Business; Tesla’s most disruptive product may not be its cars… and interesting take on What'sAPP: The Farmer’s Luck in Silicon Valley”-- 
"What'sApp was bought with Facebook stock at near its all-time high. So, from a financial point of view, Zuckerberg's "funny money" really has little relative meaning to begin with. However, the whole public mania with Social Media in general does illustrate what a misallocation of capital can be and the consequences of the FED's cheap money (low interest rates) have been."
"Imagine if instead, a group of investors had raised $ 19 Billion dollars in California during the current 3 year drought ( which actually began in 2000 ) for water resource projects? I mean really, what is more important, basic, and essential than water and food? The market says no, social media and mobile instant messaging is much more important. So, we have now become a rather greedy and frivolous (stupid) nation that can not possibly sort-out real priorities and allocate capital accordingly. This worries me much more than how much Facebook paid for this acquisition."

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