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Monday, March 31, 2014

How Did Eddie Catch Crabs?

And every year, when a DJ friend is in town for the music convention, we make an annual pilgrimage to Miami and Joe's to taste the crabs before the season ends. But we were hungry for lunch and Joe's didn't open till five. Fast forward to Google which points us to a small, but quaint seaside place called Eddies in Hollywood, Florida.

(Photo: Miami Herald— more festival photos showcased and for sale HERE)

According to Wikipedia "The Florida stone crab is usually fished near jetties, oyster reefs or other rocky areas, just as for blue crabs. The bodies of these crabs are relatively small and so are rarely eaten, but the claws (chelae), which are large and strong enough to break an oyster's shell, are considered a delicacy. Harvesting is accomplished by removing one or both claws from the live animal and returning it to the ocean where it can regrow the lost limb(s). To be kept, claws must be 2.75 inches (70 mm) long, measured from the tips of the immovable finger to the first joint. Mortality rates for declawed crabs are unknown; 20% of landed claws are regrown, while mortality rates of 47% for doubly-amputated crabs and 28% for single amputees have been observed experimentally.

Florida stone crabs are legal for harvest from October 15 until May 15. The catch varies from year to year, ranging between 2.0 and 3.5 million in the period 1982–2009, overwhelmingly from the Gulf coast (as opposed to Atlantic coast).[5] This is believed to be the maximum amount possible, given current environmental conditions, regulations, and practices. The fishery is clearly overfished, with the number of traps tripling between 1989-90 and 2009-10 without haul increasing (hence having a very low catch-per-trap level). However, due to fisheries management, the haul is believed to be stable, as sufficient spawning happens.

Claws are sold by size, generally in four sizes: medium, large, jumbo, and colossal.

The top buyer of stone crab claws is Joe's Stone Crab in Miami, and it plays a significant role in the industry, influencing the wholesale price and financing many crabbers. The Monterey Bay Aquarium has given the Florida stone crab fishery its highest rating of "Best Choice" for maintaining high fishing standards and working hard to keep the stone crab a viable fishery."

I wasn't expecting much went I got to Eddie's but as the parking lot filled with vintage cars and Bentley convertibles, I wondered why is this place so special? My meal unfortunately didn't provide any clue. But as I glanced to the cash register I saw a screensaver "" so I am thinking with Joe's the natural suitor for this name, how did the little guy beat him to it? But our waiter confirmed they did. And who is the biggest customer for the fresh catch from their own boats docked table side? Joes!

Well that's the beauty of the sales pitch you can make to any business of any size any day, that you on't have to be the leader to be perceived as open. That's the power of a domain. The Rolls Royce of branding results in  the Rolls Royce of customers.

btw, was picked up for pennies on its value by National A-1 at last fall's TRAFFIC auction. You never know, they from time to time need to sell domains to pay huge legal bills and if you catch them on that day, you too might catch yourself some crabs.

Also the Domain Gods much have been watching over us yesterday. having opted for Eddie's Hollywood versus Ultra Music Stage and Joe's we avoided another stage collapse and stampede that very might well end the Music Convention's decades old tradition. The music festival brings in thousands of tourists and their money, but the mayor says, ‘We don’t want to be showcased as the city of chaos. (photo additional reporting with Miami Herald.. more festival photos showcased and for sale HERE

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