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Sunday, March 23, 2014

==> It's Not Your Fault

Following is declassified from Frager Factor VIP where it first appeared in September 2012 a month before "Sandy". This post of mine was before the all droughts, fires, polar vortex and devastatingly abnormal and cold winter in recent memory  The cause for my alarm and revisiting of this post is HBO's 'Vice' Takes On Climate Change: 'It's The Single Greatest Problem Facing Humanity Today' airing this weekend HBO's where cameras took us to the ice that's melting and the rate of doing so... mind-blowing. I know everyone by now has seen Kim and Kanye on the cover of Vogue and weighted in and knows the Kardashians has been canceled, but I bet few knew of or saw this show on HBO or even plan to in the rerun cycle this week. 

Though the Kardashians are always in Vogue and climate crisis is never a cultures pleaser, experts now give Earth an expiration date of 2030, so make every day count.

A reader at the time responded: 
"An incredible, indelible mix of imagery and messages here, Owen. I think about our predecessors, and how nice it must have been living without true existential fear for mankind. I think about the Green Movement, and our efforts to 'leave the world a better place,' and I think about the hordes lined up today outside an Apple Store, and the vanity of it all. 
I think about that polar bear adrift on the sea ice. And I wonder, aren't we all? 
I believe we're headed to oblivion. When, we cannot be certain. But politics and culture and vanity and personal gain and the greed they feed cannot coexist forever with Mother Earth. And sadly, Mother Earth does not give one shit about mankind. She did. As my brother once said, we were given the pearl of the universe with this planet. And we raped and mutilated and savaged it - mercilessly with with greed and not a second's thought. 
We are a virus destroying what she presented us. And we will pay. 
Then again, I think about my children, pursuing the richness of knowledge and experience, and think - nay, hope - that maybe this part of the plan. Like some law of math or physics or science, maybe things just are what they are. Even if we were all noble men, could we preserve this planet and its riches growing in number the way we are? I  don't think so. 
One day, whether man-induced or otherwise, this planet will bake, then freeze, then bake again. Ask the dinosaurs, or the mastodons, or other creatures that have come before us.
Earth does what earth does, regardless of what we do. To paraphrase John Lennon, Man plans, Mother Earth laughs. 
We're just along for the ride. In some ways, I find comfort in that."
Guess Who's Next? (LA, NY, Miami etc. coasts) We are now in uncharted territory," Mark Serreze, director of the National Snow and Ice Data Center, said in a statement announcing the record low of 1.32 million square miles -- nearly half the average extent from 1979 to 2010. The extent has been tracked by satellite since 1979. "While we've long known that as the planet warms up, changes would be seen first and be most pronounced in the Arctic," he added, "few of us were prepared for how rapidly the changes would actually occur.""

"I will call into the past....Far back to the beginning of Time...I will reach back and draw them into me...And, they must come...for at this moment I am the whole reason they have existed at all." ~~Cinqué, from the film Amistad (1997)

Good Morning Folks,

This morning I ask you to take off your game face, to set aside the silly political divisiveness that is killing our country, to stop thinking about money and conquests and to look square in the mirror and think about who you (who we) are deep inside. 

We are but a blip in the radar of the universe. Living on a borrowed planet, on borrowed time, with no guaranty of tomorrow. All we have is now. We are just..

A link in a food chain. 

One of God's creations that stands on the last plank of ice in just as much peril as the polar bear most could care less about pictured above.

I am very concerned about the state of politics, the economy, the fiscal cliff, the climate, the world and the future.

Somewhere, along the way, we have lost our path, misguided by the lies of this culture, and the false promises it makes to us all. It has reduced our connectedness to each other and our world, and now the world closes in on us...we are at the precipice of being erased forever. 

But with the reading of this piece (simply the most amazing article I've ever read), I am now at peace.

I hope that you can find that peace too. The TV Show Revolution- there's more fact than fiction being presented there.
==> The Call to Our Ancestors by Ghost of Spartacus  
There is no where left for this culture to go. As the Earth gives up on the human race and begins to suck us into the place we deserve for going astray and having abused & exploited the gifts, the bounty of this planet, and all that was once sacred, it seems the death urge of the majority continues to press on. A seemingly undying drive toward self-destruction lingers on, and we are led on by the mesmerizing powers of the lies of the story of our culture. 

Those that taste the doom to come, seeing dread ahead with eyes closed, have remained succumbed to the fear of letting it all go. The lies whispered to us by this culture tempt, promising everlasting dominion over all. Yet, it has underestimated the power of the ultimate law of life, which states that none shall have dominion over all, but only part of the whole of life- it is symbiosis. 

This way has been long forgotten, yet always there for us to grasp, surrounding us everywhere. Somewhere, along the way, we have lost our path, misguided by the lies of this culture, and the false promises it makes to us all. It has reduced our connectedness to each other and our world, and now the world closes in on us...we are at the precipice of being erased forever. 

Yet, to reach this state of symbiosis is as simple as reaching for it and taking it, clasping an outreached hand for the Tree of Life- a task that was for our ancestors as effortless as taking a breath. And, as equally as it is obvious, as equally as it is simplistic to let go of all the destruction, greed, waring, suffering, and misery, there is a ready-made, packaged, and delivered fear presented to us by this culture...a fear to change, a fear to become, a fear to understand and reach for what is our heritage, our true connection to the Earth, and how we ought to live. The way that was inherent to our ancestors. 

Countless amounts of suffering and misery our ancestors have suffered from then until now. The human race has been whipped into submission by the dominant powers of this culture. The history of humanity is fraught with struggle, slavery, starvation, melancholy, and war. This culture deceives us, making us believe that it is the natural state of things, that it is all our fault, our destiny- a revilement of vast proportions, stretching out across its entire subjection of the human race. 

The ancestors have risen to overcome, and been beaten down. They have resisted, but the dominant culture always was able to live. Now the leviathan is collapsing, but will stop at nothing as it self-destructs. Its drive to live grows stronger, ignoring the inevitable. Relentlessly, it will continue, taking everyone of us with it as it runs over the cliff, into oblivion. 

It will continue on this doomed path until we decide to step off. It will demand nothing else from us, other than to keep fueling its wrath against our world, ourselves, until we decide to let it go. We will go the way of many civilizations that had not learned the lessons of the Tree of Life, who didn't return to the safety of its branches, and who didn't make the effort to grasp it and never let go. 

Why is something so simple as this, so obvious, and so plain in front of our eyes, with so much truth before us so difficult to get throw away?....The resistance to our true nature as humans is being ignored....Why?...
Why is the call of our ancestry, our heritage so easily forgotten..or better, kept from us? 

Why must all that the suffering of countless generations have toiled, struggled, and died for in order to reach, and keep reaching for .....for this branch of the tree of freedom, the Tree of Life, for easily in our grasp, so close to us continue to be let slip from our collective memory? It even surrounds us all over, waiting for us to just grasp for it! Why must the resistance to make such a small effort, to honor these great ancestors of ours seem such a monumental task? 

What will it take for us to finally take that step...that minute distance, to escape the black hole of our doom we head for today, unrelenting? 

It is the fear...the fear of what we believe is the unknown. We must ask ourselves...Is it the same fear we have to reach out to our neighbors? to lend a guiding hand? to smile at a stranger passing us by on the street, or to chat with a fellow human being in line for an event, to pay for our groceries? Is it the same fear of driving down the highway and we ignore the car that needs to pass? 

Is it the same fear of those that are different, another colored skin, a different type of clothing, an accent or that they speak a different language? Is it the fear of what people will say if you began to live differently? or, if you took the step to demand change, to risk your reputation, your job, your salary, your pension, and the like to stand up and be heard?...Is it the fear of being seen as an outcast, or a fool? 

These all encapsulate the same fear indeed. So much so that the simplicity of what must be done to save this world seems as if it is an impossible dream, a mammoth of a mountain in front of us, a giant tidal wave about to come down upon us at any moment. 

How can we break through the fear? What must we do? Who can we call upon?...The answer lies in each and every one of us... 

Turn around, and walk out in the street right now....go up to anyone, anywhere, any time and look right into their eyes....see into their souls, into your own souls, that the answer lies right there with you! Everything that you are to this moment is because of each and every living soul today, and more, to each and every soul that has lived before you. 

We owe everything to them, to each other, and to our children today...that is why to conquer the fear we must call upon the memory of our ancestors, and through everything that they suffered...through seemingly endless misery, waring, torture, famine, slavery, and tyranny...their memory guides us, gives us strength, and will come to our aid. 

What kind of an insult it would be to them if we just cowardly let it all go? All of what they did to get us to this point to be alive to breath the air and smell the flowers and eat the food of the bounty of this world! All of human knowledge and wisdom that they fathered has been left as a heritage for us. Are we to just waste it all away? We are their children, our children are ours...what kind of way is this to honor the gift of life that these countless generations have given us that we may kill the world? ...Kill the future of our children? 

The dredging, clamoring march of humanity has lead up to this point to this moment for us to end it is up to us to stop it...we are at the precipice of humanity...the first time when our future is not certain...that we come to a crossroads of choice. 

Might we just rip up every history book and every anthropology book and burn it all to ashes now?...What is the point of these memories and stories of our past if we choose to forget them at the very moment we need them most? 

Let the wisdom and strength that they endured come to our aid now....they are with us now! They are with us in our souls! They are in our eyes! Their guidance...their strength is with us now! In all of you!....We are to embrace their fortitude and strength and reach out for that branch...take the fruit of the Tree of Life and become part of this world again...and forget what we feared....looking back we will see how minuscule that it really small of a step it was...for any mountain of evil that we fantasized it was was no match for the power of our call to the ancestors. 

Do you not see?...That every shot that's been fired, every mouth that went without food, every cry of anguish and pain, every tear drop shed from the relentless misery of this culture, and everything they suffered then, has led up to you!...for what you must do! 

All of what our ancestors have fought, suffered, and died for will be in vain, because we refuse to have the courage to take the simple step and grasp for the Tree of Life. 

As all the suffering and misery of countless generations has passed, and they bled their last drops and took their last breaths and excreted their last tear, all that was left for them was hope. All that was left was their love of this world. Their hate and anger had given way to love, but it was too late for them..... 

But that love still remains. Repressed, it exists still in your heart. It exists in the feelings, emotions, worry, and anger you feel of what is happening to the world today. When you have these feelings toward the starving children, those without homes, those tortured by this culture, those bombed into submission, those creatures who experience the "death of birth," going extinct from the Earth forever, those endless, countless victims of this sick in truth, love them. The ancestors are speaking to you, through you! 

The human soul is engorged with it. It is welling up inside you like a powerful volcano, from the center of the Earth, from the center of your soul. Now, more than ever, it must be freed, it must be released! There is now no room for anger, no room for hate, no room for your fears! For only the unloved succumb to hate, anger, and fear! And, there is no more love in this sick, dying culture you are being held captive in. 

For only the unloved allow themselves to be controlled by the hate, by the anger, by the greed, by the fear. The love of humanity that exists in your hearts, the legacy of love that was our ancestor's last wish & hope is behind you! There is no need to fear! 

Let their love, their strength, their hope, their dreams, and their courage to become give you the courage to understand, give you the courage to save our world from this culture once and for all, together. They are all with you right now, inside you, and through you, and they will have not died in vain!...the Call to the Ancestors will be answered! 

[from Ghost of Spartacus] (owen just a messenger)
Have a GREAT Weekend,

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 
"The Earth's Not Getting Hotter....
We, as people, are Just Getting Colder"
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