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Thursday, March 06, 2014

Moron Alert: is now

Behold the stupidity of people. They must have sold it for a ton. they should have changed it to….

Attention, Owen Frager!

This notice is to alert you to a big change happening. is now

As part of this change we will require that you move the nameservers for all your domains that are in use to the following nameservers.
Please note that you will need to update the nameservers in the panel interface before you update them with the registrar.

Along with the change to your nameservers any users using the API will need to change the hostname they contact to

If you have any questions please contact support at or

The step to move a domain will be as follows:
  • Update the nameserver records in the panel or API.
  • Change the nameserver records with your registrar.

Regards, now
Hat Tip: Colin Pape 

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