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Monday, March 17, 2014

Next $$ Billion Social Sensation "Slap" aka "Secret" Going to Market Without….

You guessed it.

I love this APP, it can rein in those annoying anonymous commenters who pollute our space.
Secret, the iOS app that allows users to share "anonymish" messages either publicly or within various degrees of friends, is a hotbed of Silicon Valley smack talk and rumors. Now the app, which just received $8.6 million in funding, is trying to rein things in with a virtual hand slap for users who get too personal.
As part of a recent software update, Secret issues a warning to users who include names in their posts, TechCrunch reports. If the Secret software detects something a little too juicy, users receive a prompt that reads, "Posts that are defamatory, offensive or mean-spirited are against community guidelines and can be flagged/removed." What's more, Secret co-founder David Byttow confirmed to TechCrunch, "this is just the first step." was rigged early on in the legacy land rush by P&G for the deodorant of its namesake changed hands from off-shore owners last year and is held by a Florida man with a site that does not resolve.

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