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Thursday, March 13, 2014

People Communicate With Words, Not Pictures

People communicate with words, not pictures. Television is effective because it combines pictures with words which the essence of an effective advertising message which is always verbally oriented.

Radio is the acid test for any advertising idea. If the idea won't work on radio, then the idea won't work in any medium.

The most powerful concept in business today is owning a word in the prospect's mind. Not a complicated word. Not an invented one. The simple words are best, words taken right out of the dictionary.

• Volvo owns safety.
• BMW owns driving.
• Avis tries harder.
• Federal Express owns overnight.
• Starbucks owns coffee shop.
• Domino's Pizza owns home delivery.

If you can own one word in the mind, the prospect will give you many others.

Are Volvos well-made? Of course, if you can build a safe car, you can build a well-made car, too. Words can last a lifetime. Sometimes longer.

Crest was introduced in 1956 as the cavity fighting toothpaste and rapidly became the No. 1 brand. Crest is still No. 1 today. And it still owns the cavity fighting perception in the mind, 41 years later. All toothpaste fights cavities in the mouth. Only Crest fights cavities in the mind.

To become more effective, advertisers must first change the messages they are sending. They must learn the power of the word. The single, powerful word that drills its way into the mind. The essence of success in the world today is to narrow the focus and own a word in the mind.

And the most direct, the most efficient, the most powerful and the most economical way to do this IN 2007, is with a domain.

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